When the ability to read happens after a struggle, it is magical.

Dcode demystifies reading for struggling students.

A new approach.

Teachers and parents struggle to make progress with dyslexic and struggling students because they can’t find an effective reading programme that is simple to teach and fun to engage with.

That’s why we created Dcode.

"An excellent resource for struggling students"

Dr. Saoirse Mc Cartaigh, chartered educational & child psychologist

Hello, I'm Mary Moran.

I know that what you want most is for the child or student under your
educational care to become a happy and confident reader.
For parents and teachers, watching a child struggling to read is
heartbreaking, especially when you know that an inability to read affects
them greatly in their education, emotions, and mental well-being.

There wasn’t a simple and effective reading programme that teachers and parents found easy to teach and students loved engaging with, so I created my own.

About Mary.

Dcode creator and founder Mary Moran has spent a career spanning over
three decades teaching dyslexic students. Trained by Katherine Weldin
de Blois (MSc Ed), in the gold-standard Orton-Gillingham approach to
deliver teaching using a structured literacy method, Mary’s passion lies in giving struggling readers the lifelong gift of literacy.
Dcode is informed by the unique teaching style that Mary developed over the course of her career. Having achieved consistent success with 1000s
of struggling readers under her tuition, Mary packaged her methodology
into a simple, interactive, and highly effective reading programme so
that every child can become a happy and confident reader.

Learning to read is complicated

Phonemic awareness

The words we speak are made up of individual sounds called phonemes. Dcode simplifies it.


We link sounds to letters to programme the brain
to read in this way.

Sight reading

Finally, we recognise whole words by sight as we see sequences of letters in our minds.

Dcode simplifies it

Colour coding

Dcode uses colour to help the dyslexic brain remember the long vowel sounds and also to recognise soft C and G in words.

Interactive lessons

Dcode lessons are easy to teach and fun to engage with so that students remain engaged and active

Small wins

With each Dcode module, the struggling student overcomes a particular reading challenge so they are motivated to keep learning.

Getting started is simple.


Buy the books

Invest in the Dcode reading programme one book at a time.


Watch the videos

Watch a short instructional video on how to take your student through each lesson.


Invest 15 minutes a day

And celebrate as your struggling reader overcomes a new challenge at each step.

Buy the books.

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