The rewards for helping dyslexics and struggling readers to become competent readers!

The joy of finishing a child is huge indeed, but the gratitude of the student and parents on the successful completion of the job, is an extraordinary gift. Many thanks for the cards and messages over the Summer.

I was awarded one of the five places on the prestigious SEI Impact Programme for 2022-23 based on all our work at DcodeDyslexia in raising social awareness about literacy problems in schools and in creating, and publishing, the Dcode Reading Programme over the past two years. I will be joining Tim and James, aka The Two Norries Podcasters, Sharon from Jiminy Toys, Eileen from Hair Together and Kim from the B!g iDEA on the programme. Together we will work under the auspices of Tim, Sophie and all the team at SEI and after the ceremonies yesterday at their HQ in Warrington Place, I feel so privileged and excited to be one of the group.

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Impact Award
Mary was awarded one of the five places available on the 2022-23 Impact Programme.

Introducing DCode

A simple and effective reading programme for parents and teachers of struggling students.