From the Classroom…..

Story of the week, happy and endearing!

Robbie is just six, a little boy with a head full of blonde curls and big brown eyes behind blue and green glasses. Robbie is full of happiness and mischief. The fourth and last child in the family and the fourth to attend my classes. His mother was on high alert for reading issues by this stage and got him into me as soon as she saw he was struggling to pick up the alphabet.

Robbie is unaware he has a reading problem and thanks to quick action by mum, probably never will. Robbie farts and burps with enthusiasm, each one celebrated with a burst of laughter as if it were one of life’s funniest achievements. When he reads the word Dick for the first time he can hardly contain himself. I remained composed, with difficulty, and informed him Dick was a boy’s name.

The highlight of each lesson is spelling time, he writes as I dictate ab, ass, an, at, then he pleads can I have a wubble you. So I say ok, “Robbie what says /W/ ” and he screeches wubble you and smartly writes a large W on the page.

How easy it is to please a six-year-old still full of the wonders of life. One of these days I will have to burst his wubble and tell him it’s not a wubble you but a double u, just not yet!

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