Our ‘Green’ Credentials!

Snow covered forest at Carnafin, Mount Temple, January 2014.

Environmental actions to support the UN Development Goals!

At Dcode we support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on the Environment, especially Goals 11, 12 and13. The business is located on our property, where we planted 3.5 acres of mixed forestry over the past 12 years and where we are replacing all fencing with native Irish hedgerow, made up of Hazel, and Black, thorn, Guelder rose and Crab apple. Furthermore, the packaging we use is recyclable and we have purchased an electric bike for transporting customer packages to Moate PO. Finally, we are researching more sustainable ways to deliver the DcodeDyslexia programme.

Introducing DCode

A simple and effective reading programme for parents and teachers of struggling students.