The Ncode Spelling Book was published, printed and the first copy sold this week!

The initial stage of DcodeDyslexia’s development plan was put to bed this week! Mary has worked tirelessly for the past two years creating, designing and writing the Dcode books, 1 to 8, and now the Ncode Spelling Book, aka book 9, is printed and on sale. With this milestone reached, the hardcopy programme is complete. Thanks to all who helped in getting the book published and printed, Garret and Helen at Goldfinch, Ronan of Murray & McCarthy Publishing, and all at Walsh Colour Print, Tralee.

The Presentation Junior School in Mullingar were the first purchasers of the Ncode Spelling Book. We wish them well!

The cover of the Ncode Spelling Book, published and printed this week.

Introducing DCode

A simple and effective reading programme for parents and teachers of struggling students.